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Don Yoo Pinnacle Aviation’s 2016 Pilot of the Year

At Pinnacle Aviation we exceed FAA requirements for pilot proficiency. We are proud of our pilots and believe they are the best in the industry. Each year Pinnacle Aviation selects a pilot to give a Pilot of the Year Award to. The pilot is chosen based on hours individually flown, feedback from other pilots, feedback from scheduling and operations, and feedback from customers.

Pinnacle Aviation’s 2016 Pilot of the Year Award was given to the Captain of one of our Citation CJ3s, Don Yoo. Don accumulated a yearly total of 518 hours flown. The next closest 3 pilot crew flew a total of 428 hours. His colleagues commended his hard work and described Don as a leader by example. Our scheduling department said that Don’s positive attitude and good sense of humor stands out. Don also has great attention to detail on all his trip sheets.

Our customers had nothing but good things to say about Don Yoo. Posted below is an email we received from one of our clients who was flown by Don.

“It is refreshing to find a company that values customer satisfaction. I commend the pilots and ground crew at the FBO we visited. It turns out we had a mix-up with our rental car reservation. The pilots started to work on the problem while enroute and by the time we landed we had a rental car waiting for us at Teterboro airport. They exceeded my expectations! Well done to all involved.”

We are proud to have such a humble leader like Don on our Pinnacle Aviation team. We appreciate all his hard work and effort that he puts into his job which makes Pinnacle Aviation the company we are.


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