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Pinnacle Aviation Provides the Highest Standard of Safety — IS-BAO Stage 3

The IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators), also is an operational and safety standard of best practices. The IS-BAO is recognized internationally by charter brokers and also recognized by other countries that Pinnacle Aviation operates with a Safety Management System.  The central emphasis of IS-BAO is the Safety Management System.  The IS-BAO standard has three ratings. Stage 1 means that the standard has been installed but is not yet fully functional. Stage 2 means the standard is fully implemented, and all requirements are functional.  IS-BAO adds Stage 3, which, when awarded, means that the Safety Management System is fully incorporated into the core of the company. 

It is a measurement that safety culture is fully absorbed into the company. Stage 3 is based solely on the auditor’s opinion upon the observation that safety is ingrained in the culture of the entire organization. The auditor is trained to begin observations upon entry into the facilities of the organization being audited. They watch, listen, and interview as many people as possible during the audit. The auditor’s observations and interviews with everyone, from the front desk, schedulers, administration, maintenance, and operations, were overwhelmingly at Stage 3 levels.

This is the fourth consecutive Stage 3 award for Pinnacle Aviation. This is not earned by any single person or entity in the company. It cannot be set up for a show to impress during a three-day audit. Teamwork everywhere!