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Scott Guetti Director of Maintenance

Scott Guetti Celebrates 20 Years as Our Director of Maintenance

Scott Guetti, Pinnacle Aviation’s Director of Maintenance began his career as a Maintenance Technician in September 1986. After earning his A & P license in California, his first job was with Garrett LAX as a night shift technician specializing on Garrett TPE-331 powered aircraft. Two years later Scott was advanced to Crew Chief working the day shift. In 1991 Scott became an Aircraft Supervisor for the Hawker, Westwind, and Astra aircraft for Garrett LAX.

Scott finally realized that the California traffic added too much confusion to his life so he decided to move to Scottsdale, Arizona. He was immediately hired by Aero Services because of his extensive background with the Garrett TPE-331 aircraft. During his employment at Aero Services he was a Crew Chief and Chief Inspector for their 145 repair station.

In 1996 Pinnacle Aviation had the opportunity to hire Scott when our management company was started with one Learjet 24D aircraft. As the management company grew so did the amount of aircraft that Scott had to oversee. Today Scott is responsible for 21 aircraft in his maintenance department.

Through the years Scott has developed a reputation for doing things the right way and not taking any shortcuts. It is this attitude that has allowed Pinnacle Aviation to grow like they have and to be well respected by the FAA. Scott’s expertise was very instrumental in Pinnacle Aviation achieving IS-BAO, Stage 3 Registration and an ARG/US Platinum Rating. His vast knowledge includes writing the necessary manuals and documents required for Pinnacle’s charter operations.

In 2003 Scott was awarded the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year award in the state of Arizona. Scott also has served for 5 years on the Honeywell Customer Advisory Board.

Having worked for Pinnacle Aviation for 20 years, Scott’s expertise continues to serve the clients of Pinnacle Aviation by instilling confidence, knowing that their aircraft are maintained to the exacting standards that Pinnacle Aviation’s reputation is known for.