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2018 Pinnacle Aviation Interns

Pinnacle Aviation welcomes our 2018 Interns. The ASU interns act as assistant Director of Safety for one semester. They are trained on the Pinnacle Aviation Safety Management System, they performance of Safety Audits, and the duties of the Director of Safety as outlined in the Pinnacle General Operations Manual.
They learn to conduct Pinnacle Internal Evaluation Audits, aircraft spot audits,  training of Pinnacle Personnel on SMS, Security, and Emergency Response procedures. 
Don Wade, Pinnacle Aviation’s Director of Safety, goal for their time spent with Pinnacle Aviation is for the ASU intern to achieve an understanding of how a mature and robust Safety Management System is structured and operates in our General Aviation World. The program at ASU is focused primarily on mass transportation systems. (Airlines) Exposure to Pinnacle Aviation allows the interns to expand their view of air transportation into the General Aviation world.
Name:                  Brandon Brooksby
From:                   Phoenix, AZ
Major:                  Aeronautical Management Technology – Air Transportation Management
What motivated your interest in aviation?
I’ve lived in the Phoenix metro area, underneath the PHX approach, for most of my life, and have been passionate about aeronautics since I was a young kid looking up at the aircraft flying into Sky Harbor.
Long-term goals in aviation or other endeavors?
I know that I would like to work somewhere within management or administration in the aviation community. I am currently considering specializing in aviation safety management, after the interest this internship has sparked within me.
I also have goals to someday produce my own film!
Name:                  Christian Eveleigh
From:                    McKinney, TX
Major:                  Aeronautical Management Technologies
What motivated your interest in aviation?
Growing up, many of my childhood mentors worked in the industry and opened my eyes to what aviation had to offer.
Long-term goals in aviation or other endeavors?
Gain a management position in operations for a major airline or charter airline.
Name:                  Skylar Bird
From:                    Mesa, AZ
Major:                  Aeronautical Management Technology – Professional Flight
What motivated your interest in aviation?
I have always loved anything to do with aviation. When I was born my dad was getting his instrument rating SEL – and hearing about it as a young boy sparked my interest.
Long-term goals in aviation or other endeavors?
I want to eventually fly jets internationally.
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