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IS-BAO Stage 3

Only the Very Best Operators qualify for IS-BAO Stage 3 Accreditation

After hearing the news that Pinnacle Aviation had been awarded the prestigious IS-BAO Stage 3 certification, Trevor Turcott, Pinnacle Aviation’s Director of Operations, proudly stated, “As aviation professionals, it is rewarding and validating to have our SMS processes audited and applauded. We embrace the highest IS-BAO standards, and with our recent Stage 3 certification from IS-BAO, we have again reinforced our safety culture of continuous improvement.”  

Pinnacle Aviation President, Curt Pavlicek adds, “…it’s a value proposition our clients benefit directly from; and we believe our clients deserve to know that they are safe and secure at all times.” Curt continues, “We realize that safety and service reliability is about dutiful attention to the smallest details. We strive to go well-beyond aviation industry standards to ensure our operational systems are trustworthy and dependable”.

Pinnacle Aviation continues to separate itself from most other operators by embracing the highest safety standards. The general aviation industry is populated with many safety accreditation services today.  Pinnacle Aviation is among the elite charter operators who have earned the very highest safety accreditations, including ARG/US Platinum rating, and the extraordinary IS-BAO – Stage 3.   

Pinnacle Aviation is based at the Scottsdale Airport, with operations in Arizona, California, New York and Hawaii.

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