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Pinnacle’s Insurance Consultant

Bruce Ison was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona 38 years ago. Bruce enjoys being outdoors, with some of his hobbies being backpacking, hiking and golfing. After graduating college in 1988 he began his career working in aviation insurance for the US Aviation Underwriters as an Underwriter and an Office Manager. As an Underwriter his job was to select and price aviation risks from jets, to engine repair shops, to workers compensation. He chose to work for US Aviation Underwriters for a couple reasons. This company was a well respected company in the aviation insurance industry and they also had a small aircraft that he was able to fly for company business.
Four years ago Bruce joined the Pinnacle Aviation team as our Insurance Consultant. This position handles all the aircraft insurance for Pinnacle Aviation as well as outside clients. He works with aircraft owners, pilots and mechanics to place insurance for their aircraft or business coverages. Not only can Bruce place insurance for the aircraft, but he can also insure the property coverage and liability for buildings based at airports, workers compensation, products coverage and ground hangarkeepers. The largest aircraft Bruce helps Pinnacle Aviation insure is a Gulfstream V. Outside of Pinnacle Aviation he insures everything from large hangar operations to a Cessna 182 and everything in between.  Bruce’s favorite part about his job at Pinnacle is working with airplanes. He has always had a passion for aviation and loves being around coworkers who have the same passion as him.
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