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Safety Program Interns

Pinnacle Aviation has engaged two ASU interns, Matthew Stem and Ernesto Quintero, to be a part of our team during their Spring semester. These interns will act as assistants to our Director of Safety, Don Wade. They are trained on the Pinnacle Aviation Safety Management System, the performance of safety audits, and the duties of the Director of Safety as outlined in the Pinnacle Aviation General Operations Manual.

The interns conduct Pinnacle Aviation internal evaluation audits, aircraft spot audits, training of Pinnacle personnel on the Safety Management System, and security and emergency response procedures.

Don Wade’s goal for the program is that the ASU interns will achieve an understanding of how a mature and robust Safety Management System is structured and operates in our general aviation world. The program at ASU is focused primarily on mass transportation systems such as the airlines. Exposure to Pinnacle Aviation allows the interns to expand their view of air transportation in general aviation.

Click the link below to learn more about the program they are attending at ASU:


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