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Manager of Training, James Irby

James joined Pinnacle Aviation in 2018. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Embry Riddle Worldwide in Professional Aeronautics, minoring in Aviation Safety. James has over 7 years’ experience in Business Aviation and is a former Check Airman. He has over 3500 hours Flight Time and 2800 hours as Pilot in Command and is type rated on HA-420, HS-125, CE-680, CL-300 and CL-600. His Certifications include ATP and CFI.

As Manager of Training at Pinnacle Aviation, James puts his education and experience to work as he aids in flight crew member training, teaches company ground school, keeps pilot records updated and reports crew training. He was involved in creating a safety training video for the NBAA that discussed the best debriefing practices for pilots. In addition to managing flight training, James also flies as Captain on our Challenger 300s and 350.

In 2020 James earned Pinnacle Aviation’s Pilot of the Year Award. This award represents a culmination of flight hours, dedication, safety, and attention to detail. He is an great asset to our operations department. James plays a big role in the excellent performance of our crews and the service to our clients.

James Irby, 2020 Pilot of Year Award with Curt Pavlicek, President and Owner of Pinnacle Aviation