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Matt Forsey, Chief Pilot

Matt Forsey is an aviation enthusiast through and through. From his childhood days of watching airplanes over the Great Salt Lake on their approach to Salt Lake City International Airport, to earning his Aviation Merit badge as a youth after taking a flight in a Grumman Cheetah, Matt’s love of flying has only grown stronger. 

After graduating and serving a 2 year church mission to Chile, Matt managed the world’s only indoor Segway track and worked as a stock market professional for Fidelity Investments where his office window overlooked the approach area for the Salt Lake International Airport. That view sealed his decision to take the jump into aviation. 

As a graduate of ATP’s Professional Pilot Program, Matt earned his Multi-engine, Instrument, Commercial Single, Commercial Multi-engine, CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings in an unprecedented 96 days. He spent several years instructing at Sawyer Aviation before joining Pinnacle Aviation in 2010. Alongside his Co-Pilot, Matt was recognized for his low-maintenance, high-performance work ethic and earned the “Pilots of the Year” award in 2019.

While Matt’s passion for flying is evident, his commitment to his faith and family is equally important to him. He has held various leadership positions in his local congregation, including serving as a Bishop. Matt and his wife Michone live in Mesa with their five beautiful children.

After 12 years of flying for Pinnacle Aviation, Matt remains committed to keeping the Pinnacle culture alive and thriving. As our Chief Pilot, he leads our team with a dedication to excellence and a passion for flying. You may even have the pleasure of being flown to exotic destinations on one of our Challenger 300s with Matt in the pilot seat.