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Pinnacle Aviation Over 25 Years of Excellence


The last quarter century has seen tremendous growth and achievement for Pinnacle Aviation. Beginning as an aircraft sales and acquisitions company, little did we imagine where we would be today.

Our evolution started unexpectedly. We sold an aircraft to a company who asked if we had the capability to manage their aircraft. Having operated aircraft in the past, we had the knowledge to provide the skills they needed, so we offered this additional service.

Soon many of our other clients asked us to manage their aircraft as well. One of them also expressed serious interest in chartering their aircraft to help offset some of their costs. Again we agreed to provide this additional service by launching our charter company.

As we continued to grow, we felt it necessary to start our own maintenance facility to ensure our management clients were getting the full oversight they expected, thus Pinnacle Aviation Maintenance was born.

Through the creation of all of these services, our goal became crystal clear: to be the reliable expert and one-stop shop for every facet of our clients’ aviation needs.

What have we learned over the past 25 years? That by fostering a culture which values excellence, integrity, transparency and attention to detail, we built the foundation to effectively operate our clients’ aircraft with utmost efficiency. That our commitment to the highest safety standards in the industry gives our clients and ourselves the confidence to always strive to be the best. And that our success is due first and foremost to the quality of our employees who operate as a team, working and communicating together with the same goal in mind.

Perhaps our greatest asset is our referral and continued business from existing clients. We are always proud when they come back to us and ask that we be involved in their next aviation transaction. After more than 25 years we can confidently say we look forward to continued growth in the decades to come.