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2021 Crew of the Year

Pictured from left to right: Trevor Turcott (Director of Operations), Les Fujiwara (Captain Global 5000), Curt Pavlicek (Owner/President of Pinnacle Aviation standing in for Cabin Attendant Jessica Martin), Don Machado (Lead Captain Global 5000), Todd Pixley (Chief Pilot), Scott Casey (Charter Manager)

Don Machado
Don was hired in 2007. He came to Pinnacle Aviation after flying for Executive Jet Management and All Island Aviation, where he flew a CL601-3A Challenger. Don attended University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University. To date he has completed 43 check rides while he has been flying for Pinnacle Aviation. When Don arrived at Pinnacle he had 5900 hours of flying time. He currently has amassed 10503 hours. Don has flown some of the longest flights operated by Pinnacle Aviation. One such flight had a 10.3 hour block and burned 4915 gallons of jet fuel. We are proud to have an experienced and dedicated pilot like Don as part of the Pinnacle Aviation team.

Les Fujiwara
Les was also hired in 2007. He relocated to Hawaii from the Mainland to take his current position. Don and Les have been flying together for almost 25 years. His background includes working on the Northrop F-20 Tigershark program. Les has 4500 hours of flying time. In his spare time you can find him flying his Cessna Cardinal that he uses to commute between Maui and Honolulu. He is one of the few mechanic/pilots at Pinnacle Aviation. Les has meticulous attention to detail and is an expert at maintaining several hundred different computers and operating systems.

Jessica Martin
As the cabin attendant for the Global 5000, Jessica is an integral part of this amazing crew. Her cabin skills ensure that everyone on board has a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Jessica Martin, Global 5000 Cabin Attendant