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First Class Charter


To call it First Class travel doesn’t begin to describe the Pinnacle Aviation charter experience. It’s about peace of mind. It’s about comfort. It’s about reliability. But, most important, it’s about you. Pinnacle goes beyond the expected to give you a higher level of safety, service and dependability.

A higher level of trust.
We know each aircraft in the Pinnacle charter fleet intimately, because each is meticulously maintained, managed and flown by Pinnacle. Our FAA charter certificate allows us to operate our aircraft anywhere in the world. A fleet of eleven luxurious business jets is at your disposal, based at key departure airports across the U.S. from Hawaii to the east coast. Having a choice allows you to meet your requirements perfectly—from the fast but economical six-passenger Raytheon Premier I to the spacious Challenger 604, capable of carrying ten passengers more than 4,000 miles nonstop.

Our average flight crew is anything but average.
Pinnacle exceeds FAA requirements for pilot proficiency. Our average pilot has 15,000 hours of flight experience and many of our pilots come from backgrounds not only in general aviation, but from military and commercial airlines. To ensure pilot proficiency, all of our pilots go through rigorous training at the top simulator training centers in the country. They regularly participate in the best programs in the industry for international procedures and overwater training which qualifies them to fly virtually anywhere in the world.

Respected for safety.
Pinnacle’s proactive approach has earned us the reputation of being an industry leader in the field of safety. These exceptionally high standards in crew and aircraft have earned Pinnacle an unblemished safety record. We are recognized as an IS-BAO Registered Carrier, which requires an extensive audit by the International Business Aviation Council to ensure our operations meet or exceed international industry best-practice standards. Our Safety Management System (SMS) was implemented 2 years before the government mandated such stringent safety procedures. Other safety monitoring organizations such as ARGUS International, Wyvern Consulting, Ltd., and EJM Management audit us to ensure safety and compliance with their high standards.

We’re ready when you are.
When you arrive at the airport, you will find no lines. No security checkpoints. Your bags will be removed from your car and carefully placed in the aircraft. The galley will be stocked to your liking. Your aircraft will be ready to depart when you are and not a minute sooner. Your part in the Pinnacle charter experience? Just lean back and enjoy a higher level of travel.


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